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We believe nonfiction is a reflection of a complex and evolving world.  We want the work we publish to embody a sense of journey and discovery.  We seek to house pieces that bring the reader into the story on a personal level while speaking to larger trends and issues.

What do we publish?

Punctuate seeks both emerging and established writers and artists.  We publish craft essays, reviews of nonfiction books, interviews, a blog, and of course, great nonfiction pieces.  We provide a format for exceptional, reflective, and authentic voices in nonfiction.  

Punctuate provides fresh ways of punctuating the literary landscape by publishing traditional and experimental essays alongside each other. Our magazine publishes personal essays, prose poetry, flash nonfiction, graphic essays/memoirs, and journal excerpts, to name a few of the forms.  We showcase the long narrative and a variety of forms that push the disciplinary boundaries. Punctuate will emphasize the strong voice of literary nonfiction while acknowledging new forms that include image, audio, video, and word mosaics.  Punctuate seeks work that is exclamatory, declarative, exploratory, and questioning.   

Where you can find Punctuate; how you can submit to Punctuate

Online Punctuate can be found at:


On Facebook.  Check in on the conversation, update you on what we are looking for, give succinct thoughts from our assistant editors, and keep you abreast of events in and around Punctuate.


Our online magazine is published on a rolling basis about six times a year.  

Interviews and reviews . . .

You can propose an idea for an interview to Punctuate at punctuate@colum.edu

You can pitch a book review idea to our review editor:  Sadaf Ferdowsi sadaf.ferdowsi@gmail.com

For questions and more information, contact our managing editor: Cora Jacobs cjacobs@colum.edu



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